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Kath Golap

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πŸ‘‰ Plant name : Kath Golap πŸ‘‰ Botanical name : Plumeria πŸ‘‰ Family :Β  Apocynaceae πŸ‘‰ Synonyms : Frangipani πŸ‘‰ Highlighting points : Β Outdoor flower plant. It features fragrant white flowers with yellow centers.

Kathali chapa

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Plant name: Kathali-chapa flower Botanical name: Artabotrys hexapetalus Family: Annonaceae Synonyms: Climbing lang lang, ylang ylang vine, manoranjitham Highlighting points: It is an evergreen climbing or scandent shrub, It supports itself on other plants by means of modified leaf stems that are shaped like hooks.


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πŸ‘‰ Plant name : Loropetalum πŸ‘‰ Botanical name : Loropetalum Chinese πŸ‘‰ Family :Β  Hamamelidaceae πŸ‘‰ Synonyms : Benth Highlighting points :Β  The green-leafed, white-flowered species was introduced to the U.S. in 1880, but was not generally known until the purple-leafed, pink-flowering forms were introduced in the late 1980s/early 1990s. Since that time, these plants with their masses of blooms from mid-March through mid-April, and scattered blossoms during the rest of the season, have become justifiably very popular.

Morog Phool

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Morog Flower, Celosia in English, also known as woolflowers and cockscomb. The leaves also have a soft texture and a mild spinach-like taste. Plant name: Cockscomb Flower(Morog Phool) Botanical name: Plumed Cockscomb Flower.Β  Synonyms: Feather Family name: AmaranthaceaeΒ  Highlighting points: easy to grow, budget friendly, any place flower plant.


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Plant name: Noyontara Flower Botanical name: Catharanthus roseus Synonyms: Periwinkle Family name: Apocynaceae Highlighting points: Known as β€˜bright eyes’, used for increasing blood circulation in the brain, known for its beauty.


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πŸ‘‰ Plant name : Petunia πŸ‘‰ Botanical name : Petunia Juss πŸ‘‰ Synonyms : πŸ‘‰ Family name : Solanaceae πŸ‘‰ Highlighting points : Easy to maintain, house plant like rich colored flower plant.


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πŸ‘‰ Plant name : Phlox πŸ‘‰ Botanical name : Phlox paniculata πŸ‘‰ Synonyms : Alfalfa πŸ‘‰ Family name : Pholemoniaceae πŸ‘‰ Highlighting points : Easy to care colorful outdoor flower plant.


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Plant name: Plumeria Botanical name: Plumneria rubra Synonyms: Frangipani Family name: Apocynaceae Highlighting points: Commonly called white frangipani, features fragrant white flowers with yellow centers. Benefits: Fragrance: Simple five-petaled flower. While some emit a jasmine or rose-like scent, others produce a peachy or citrusy or Gardenia-like aroma. Health benefits: Plumeria is a known moisturizer and anti-inflammatory. It's often used in the natural health industry to soothe dry, cracked skin and keep it soft.

Queen Elizabeth Rose

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Plant name : Queen Elizabeth Rose πŸ‘‰ Intro : Rosa 'Queen Elizabeth' is a pink Grandiflora rose cultivar, bred by rose grower, Dr. Walter Lammerts in the United States in 1954. The rose variety is very popular worldwide and has won numerous awards, including "World's Favorite Rose", (1979).

Rongon Bonsai

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Plant name: Rongon Bonsai Botanical name: Ixora Synonyms: Becheria Ridl Family name: Rubiaceae Highlighting points: Air-purifying plant with colorful flowers.  


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Plant name: Salvia Botanical name: Salvia splendens Family name: Lamiaceae Highlighting points: Rich colored, easy to grow flower plant

Spanish cherry flower ( Bakul )

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Plant name: Spanish cherry flower Botanical name: Mimusops elengi Family: Sapotaceae Synonymous : Bakul, Maulsari, Bullet Wood, Bakula, Bansalagin, Barsoli Highlighting points: *Medicinally use for diarrhoea, dysentery, toothache and gum inflammation, gonorrhoea, snake bites, fevers, wounds, scabies, eczema, headache * Edible parts are the fruits (raw, cooked, or processed) and seed oil (used for cooking).


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πŸ‘‰ Plant name : Sunflower πŸ‘‰ Botanical name : Helianthus πŸ‘‰ Synonyms : Bird of paradise πŸ‘‰ Family name : Daisy, Asteraceae πŸ‘‰ Highlighting points : Bright color, daisy like easy to grow flower plants    

Tajmahal Rose

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Plant name : Tajmahal Rose πŸ‘‰ Intro: The Taj Mahal Rose plant gives these beautiful large red roses. The buds start of by showing this deep rich burgundy color which later changes to a beautiful well opened velvet red Rose.


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Plant name : Zinnia Botanical name : Zinnia Synonyms : Pin grass Family name : Asteraceae Highlighting points : Re-seed nature, easy to grow, popular garden flowers.