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Plant name: Adenium Botanical name: Adenium obesum Synonyms: Desert Rose Family name: Apocynaceae Highlighting points: A very attractive Bonsai with glorious flower colors.


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Plant name: Aralia Botanical name: Polyscias fruticosa Synonyms: Pata bahar Family name: Araliaceae Highlighting points: whitish flower with shiny leafs outdoor garden décor plant.

Aromatic Jui

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• Requires fertilizing only twice a year. • Soil should be slightly moist. • Requires good drainage.

Bengal currant (Karamcha)

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Plant Name: Bengal currant (Karamcha) Scientific Name: Carissa carandas Family Name: Apocynaceae Common Name: Karamcha Highlighting Points: A tiny, sour but mighty tropical fruit. It is a hardy, drought-tolerant plant that thrives well in a wide range of soils.

Bottlebrush Plant

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Plant name: Bottlebrush plant Botanical name: Callistemon Family: Myrtaceae Synonyms: Thesaurus Highlighting points: They have spikes of showy flowers and are commonly called bottlebrushes. The plants are often cultivated outdoors in western North America and in colder regions in greenhouses. C. lanceolatus (sometimes C. citrinus), one of the most commonly cultivated species, grows from 3 to 6 m (10 to 20 feet) tall and has lance-shaped leaves and bright red stamens (male parts).

China 3 lychee

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Common Name- China 3 lychee Botanical name- Litchi chinensis Family- Sapindaceae Synonymous- litchi Highlighted point- China 3 is a variety of lychee fruit, belonging to the family Sapindaceae and sub-family Nepheleae. This variety is one of the best grown in the Bengal region in the eastern part of the Indian subcontinent. The trees are only about 5 to 6 m tall with relatively smaller leaves. Bearing is regular if proper management and care are taken, otherwise, they show an irregular bearing habit. China-3 was found to perform satisfactorily in other areas, except where rain starts earlier.

Chinese bot Bonsai/Chinese Banyan

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Plant name: Chinese bot Bonsai/Chinese Banyan Botanical name: Ficus microcarpa Family: Moraceae Synonyms: Chinese banyan Highlighting points: The Chinese Banyan is one of the finest trees for indoor Bonsai, and tolerates a wide range of indoor conditions. It has good Bonsai Character, lovely gray bark, and superb basal root flare. It tolerates the beginner’s efforts and still makes a superb addition to the advanced bonsai grower’s collection. Try it and you will not be disappointed.

Christmass Tree

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👉Plant name : Christmas Tree 👉Botanical name : Araucaria columnaris 👉Synonyms : Flame tree 👉Family name : Euphorbiaceae 👉Highlighting points : An evergreen tree best known for its conical shape and dense, dark-green leaves that are flat and needle-like. Filled with health benefits semi indoor-outdoor plant.  


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Plant name: Grenadier (Apple) Botanical name: Malus domestica   Family:  Lythraceae  Synonyms: Pomegranate tree Highlighting points:  Grenadier is an early season apple, It is very easy to grow - almost foolproof in practically any situation.

Hanging Basket Planter

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Hanging Basket Planter Material : Hogla Dimensions: 7.9” * 9”

Jambul tree ( Indian blackberry )

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Plant name: Jambul tree Botanical name: Syzygium cumini Family: Myrtaceae Synonyms: Jamuns,Jamu, Java plum, Indian blackberry Highlighting points: It's an evergreen tree that reaches up to 20 feet tall.It's a natural blood purifier tree.

Kamini Bonsai

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Plant name: Kamini Bonsai Botanical name: Kamini Bonsai Synonyms: Ulmus parvifolia Family name: Rutaceae Highlighting points: Re-seed nature, easy to grow, native flowering tree.

Kata Mukut – Majhari

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Plant name: Kata Mukut (Local/Thai) Botanical name: Euphorbia milii Synonyms: Crown of thorns Family name: Euphorbiaceae Highlighting points: cactus type bit long outdoor plant with attractive colorful flower plant.

Kath Golap

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👉 Plant name : Kath Golap 👉 Botanical name : Plumeria 👉 Family :  Apocynaceae 👉 Synonyms : Frangipani 👉 Highlighting points :  Outdoor flower plant. It features fragrant white flowers with yellow centers.


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Plant name: Koilash Botanical name: Couroupita guianensis Synonyms: Cannonball tree Family name: Lecythidaceae Highlighting points: An outdoor plant that is easy to grow, cute size, and with bright color leaves.