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👉 Plant name : Cactus 👉Botanical name : Cactaceae 👉Family : Cactaceae 👉Synonyms : Prickle thorn 👉Highlighting points : A cactus is a great addition to the home thanks to its striking shape, size and flowers. Seeing as no cactus plant is the same, this houseplant is a unique, decorative way to add interest to your living space, whether it's perched on your windowsill or styled on a shelf.


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Plant name: Haworthia
  • Botanical name : Haworthiopsis attenuate
  • Family : Asphodelaceae
  • Synonyms : Aloe attenuata Haw
  • Highlighting points : Haworthia is a delightful little succulent that makes a very attractive small houseplant. These small, low growing plants form rosettes of fleshy green leaves that are generously covered with white, pearly warts or bands, giving them a distinctive appearance.

Jamaica Dracaena Reflexa

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👉 Plant name : Jamaica Dracaena Reflexa 👉 Botanical name : Dracaena Reflexa 👉 Family :  Asparagaceae 👉 Synonyms : Song of Jamaica 👉 Highlighting points :  Easy to care, comes with air purifying facilities and one of the most eye catchy houseplant.

Lucky Bamboo(dracaena)

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Plant name: Lucky Bamboo Botanical name: Dracaena sanderiana Family: Asparagaceae Synonyms: Goddess of Mercy's plant Highlighting points: Attractive looks, Lucky bamboo represents wood as a natural element; a red ribbon tied to the bamboo indicates the element fire, which fuels positive results. The plant's use in feng shui is to bring a sense of safety and well-being to a room or a home by creating a sense of balance.

Snake Plant

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#Plant Name: Snake plant, Mother-in-law's tongue Synonyms: Sansevieria Botanical name: Dracaena trifasciata Family: Asparagaceae Highlighting point: Easy to maintain, Air purification nature declared by NASA and reduces Toxicity. Best indoor (bedroom/office) plant.


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👉 Plant name : Succulent 👉 Botanical name : Sucus 👉Family : Aizoaceae, Cactaceae, and Crassulaceae 👉Synonyms : Heavenly 👉Highlighting points : Succulents are perfect plant for forgetful and sometimes neglectful gardeners. They don’t need much care and easy to grow inside as well as outside.

Zanzibar gem

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Plant name: Zanzibar gem 👉 Botanical name : Zamioculcas 👉 Synonyms : ZZ pLant 👉Family name : Araceae 👉Highlighting points : Premier level Home or office plant. It is a stemless evergreen plant that typically grows to 3' tall with attractive, pinnately compound leaves rising up from its rhizomes.