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👉 Plant name : Monstera 👉Botanical name :  Monstera Deliciosa 👉Family : Araceae 👉Synonyms : Swiss cheese 👉Highlighting points : This plant was once popular a few decades ago, and it is back with a vengeance! Monstera deliciosa is one of the trendiest houseplants that you can grow these days. Not only are they a striking houseplant, but they are also very easy to grow and a fantastic beginner plant! Anyone can grow a Monstera! 👉Age: 1 year

Monstera Adansoni

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Monstera adansoni plant for your home and office.

Morog Phool

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Free Tob (till 28th Feb,2021)

Morog Flower, Celosia in English, also known as woolflowers and cockscomb. The leaves also have a soft texture and a mild spinach-like taste. Plant name: Cockscomb Flower(Morog Phool) Botanical name: Plumed Cockscomb Flower.  Synonyms: Feather Family name: Amaranthaceae  Highlighting points: easy to grow, budget friendly, any place flower plant.

Njoys Plant

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If you have a snow queen pothos and want it to keep its predominantly white color, make sure your plant


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Plant name: Noyontara Flower Botanical name: Catharanthus roseus Synonyms: Periwinkle Family name: Apocynaceae Highlighting points: Known as ‘bright eyes’, used for increasing blood circulation in the brain, known for its beauty.

Papaya Plant

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Plant name:Papaya plant Botanical name:: Carica papaya Family: Caricaceae Synonyms:melon tree, papaya tree, pawpaw etc. Highlighting point: Raw papaya pulp contains 88% water, 11% carbohydrates, and negligible fat and protein (table). In a 100-g amount, papaya fruit provides 43 kilocalories and is a significant source of vitamin C (75% of the Daily Value, DV) and a moderate source of folate (10% DV), but otherwise has low content of nutrients.

Peace lily (Free Tob)

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Plant name: Peace lily Botanical name: Spathiphyllum Synonyms: spath Family name: Araceae highlighting points: The most common houseplants, Tropical and evergreen plants, easy to grow.

Pencil Orchid

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Plant name: Pencil orchid Botanical name:Dendrobium teretifolium Family: Orchidaceae Synonyms: rat's tail orchid, bridal veil orchid Highlighting points: Pencil orchid has long, thin hanging stems, pencil-like leaves and rigid flowering stems bearing up to twelve crowded white to cream-coloured flowers.


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Indoor plant and can be placed in office desk or in work station


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👉 Plant name : Petunia 👉 Botanical name : Petunia Juss 👉 Synonyms : 👉 Family name : Solanaceae 👉 Highlighting points : Easy to maintain, house plant like rich colored flower plant.