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Kata Mukut – Majhari

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Plant name: Kata Mukut (Local/Thai) Botanical name: Euphorbia milii Synonyms: Crown of thorns Family name: Euphorbiaceae Highlighting points: cactus type bit long outdoor plant with attractive colorful flower plant.

Kath Golap

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👉 Plant name : Kath Golap 👉 Botanical name : Plumeria 👉 Family :  Apocynaceae 👉 Synonyms : Frangipani 👉 Highlighting points :  Outdoor flower plant. It features fragrant white flowers with yellow centers.

Kathali chapa

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Plant name: Kathali-chapa flower Botanical name: Artabotrys hexapetalus Family: Annonaceae Synonyms: Climbing lang lang, ylang ylang vine, manoranjitham Highlighting points: It is an evergreen climbing or scandent shrub, It supports itself on other plants by means of modified leaf stems that are shaped like hooks.

Kewa (Century Plant)

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👉Plant name : Kewa (Century Plant) 👉 Botanical name : Agave Americana 👉 Family : Asparagaceae 👉 Synonyms : Agave Americana 👉Highlighting points : Green rosette leaves can grow up to 6 feet long and 10 inches wide – with the central stem reaching 20 feet tall at maturity. The leaves have serrated sharp edges and needle-like spines on the tip. Century plant is a majestic succulent that turns any garden into a showstopper. Its blue-green or gray.


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Plant name: Koilash Botanical name: Couroupita guianensis Synonyms: Cannonball tree Family name: Lecythidaceae Highlighting points: An outdoor plant that is easy to grow, cute size, and with bright color leaves.

Lipstick Orchid

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👉Plant name : Lipstick Orchid 👉Botanical name : Aeschynanthus radicans 👉Family : Gesneriaceae 👉Synonyms : Lipstick plant 👉Highlighting points :  Self cared, air purifying, year round flower plant.


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👉 Plant name : Loropetalum 👉 Botanical name : Loropetalum Chinese 👉 Family :  Hamamelidaceae 👉 Synonyms : Benth Highlighting points :  The green-leafed, white-flowered species was introduced to the U.S. in 1880, but was not generally known until the purple-leafed, pink-flowering forms were introduced in the late 1980s/early 1990s. Since that time, these plants with their masses of blooms from mid-March through mid-April, and scattered blossoms during the rest of the season, have become justifiably very popular.


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Plant name: Lotkon Botanical name: Baccaurea motleyana Family: Phyllanthaceae Synonyms:Bubi, leteku,Rambai. Highlighting points: Its evergreen leaves are shiny green on the upper surface and greenish-brown and hairy underneath.Male and female flowers growing on separate individuals. Both types of flowers are fragrant and have yellow sepals.

Lucky Bamboo(dracaena)

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Plant name: Lucky Bamboo Botanical name: Dracaena sanderiana Family: Asparagaceae Synonyms: Goddess of Mercy's plant Highlighting points: Attractive looks, Lucky bamboo represents wood as a natural element; a red ribbon tied to the bamboo indicates the element fire, which fuels positive results. The plant's use in feng shui is to bring a sense of safety and well-being to a room or a home by creating a sense of balance.

Mango (Harivanga)

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Plant Name: Mango (Harivanga) Scientific Name: Mangifera indica Family Name: Anacardiaceae Common Name: Harivanga Highlighting Points: Harivanga mango are highly fleshy, fiberless, and typically weigh 200 to 400 grams. They have been recorded weighing up to 700 grams.

Money plant

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👉Plant name : Money plant 👉 Botanical name : Epipremnum aureum 👉Family : Araceae 👉Synonyms : Silver Dollar 👉Highlighting points : Easy to grow and it is a powerful air purifying plant.. Money plant continues to produce oxygen at night unlike other plants that produce carbon dioxide at night.

Money Plant

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Plant name: Money plant tree Botanical name: Pachira Aquatica Family: Malvaceae Synonyms: *Lunaria annua. *satin flower. *silver dollar. *honesty. Highlighting points: The very important benefit of the money plant is that it attracts wealth, hence the name money plant. It wards off negative energy creating room for positive energy. Vastu experts suggest keeping a money plant in the house helps remove financial obstacles and brings prosperity & good luck.


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👉 Plant name : Moniraj 👉 Botanical name : Cycus revoluta 👉 Synonyms : Sago palm 👉 Family name : Cycadaceae 👉 Highlighting points : Tree, evergreen, structurally rich outdoor plant.