Privacy Policy:-

1.  We use automatic md5 process to save passwords. Unaccessible from the developer end. Misuse of mobile number and other personal data of users are impossible. Implementation of fake profile is impossible. We crosscheck customer provided identity information.

2. User location trace is impossible without permission.

3. We want to inform our customers that, while using our app if any error occurs in the system we use “Log Data Tool” (third party system) to collect customer phone data. In this Log Data, informations like * phone IP address * device name * operating system * application configuration while using our service * date and other interactions are saved. We give highest security to each and every account. Harmful to Religion like contents are highly prohibited.

4. You don’t support harms to any age, gender and sex discrimination. This service and all the contents around it are suitable for all gender, sex and age group.

5. A cookie is a small text file stored on your hard drive by web pages you visit. The file – and the information in the file – is generated by the server-side application running the web site. The server also has access to the cookie it gave you (but not to cookies created by other websites).

6. We used other apps and website links on our website and app.

7. We update and change regularly and when needed. To ensure error and tension-free service Please check it on regular basis.

8. You can suggest and inform us in any of our website or privacy policy related matter through this Email address. You are welcome for any related questions.


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