Easy Homemade Pesticides and Fertilizer

rose care

For Homemade pesticide spray to get rid of mealy bugs, aphids, scale, spider mites or white flies but first try a patch test on the plant to check that it does not burn it before going ahead and spraying it all over only after you ascertain everything is fine you use the spray all over, to make the spray mix 1 tsp of vegetable oil with 1 tsp baby shampoo or dish washing liquid add a tsp of baking soda to a large cup of water mix well and pour into a spray bottle use this spray all over the rose plant, make sure you get beneath the leaves as well, leave it for an hour then water it down with a hose, do this twice a week until you get rid of all the pests. Fertilizer : Burn old newspapers or magazines, coconut husks and shells, twigs, wood chips etc and sprinkle the leftover ash on the soil this ash contains nitrogen and other minerals however don’t overdo this part because excess nitrogen can cause yellowing of leaves and burn the roots of your plants or may even kill the plant so be careful apply this ash only once a month it should suffice. Instead of dumping used egg shells into the waste bin save them, every time to use eggs wash and dry the shells then store them until you have enough to make this wonderful egg shell brew by boiling the shells in water 20 shells for a little over a liter of water because once you boil this mix you need to have at least a liter left, once cool you can pour the water in your rose plants this brew will give your roses a boost of calcium and potassium. Extra : When Growing Rose plants in containers or pots its always a good idea to trim or prune down the stems completely this will promote new growth and the plant wont end up growing wild with long stems that look lanky.

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